Changing Hills

This is the time of year when the hills that line the Central Valley undergo a major change.

Patterson Hills, Green Hills, winter, central valley californiaDuring the winter the hills green up if we have a lot of rain like we did this season.

The hills look really different when they are green.

Central Valley Hills, California, Green hills, winter colorIn this picture you can see that the trees that are leafless in winter are silhouetted against the green hills of the Central Valley.

browning hills, Central Valley, California, Spring, SummerI took this picture yesterday and you can see that the hills are already starting to turn brown as summer approaches.

Brown hills, Central Valley CaliforniaHere is a picture from late last spring. You can see that the hills are almost entirely brown.

Soon they will look like this again, and with the right light they will appear golden brown.

Altamont Hills Summer versus WinterEvery week day my commute takes me up and over the Altamont and the color is rapidly changing. Just a week ago the hills were a beautiful green like on the right in the picture above. Each day the hills have been loosing their color and soon they will look like the left side of the picture again.

The cycle of seasons continue and the only question is usually how green the hills will get in the winter. This year they were very green as we had a lot of rain.

Now, how long will it be until they are golden again?


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