First Roses of the Season

The first roses of the season are always highly anticipated. I watch to see when the buds first appear on the rose bushes and then keep track of them to see when they will open.

Yellow Rose Bud, First Rose, rose budsHere was one of the first buds of the season on one of my yellow rose bushes.

One thing to point out is that these are not the first roses of the year, as I still had roses from last year in January.

first rose, yellow rose, spring, seasonsHere the rose has opened, and it was of course beautiful. These roses also have a very nice fragrance that carries with the breeze. I often smell these when I walk out the door.

Yellow Floribunda rose, first roses of yearThe first rose on my yellow floribunda was a bit hidden behind some of the rose leaves. However, soon this bush will be full of roses. Once the first rose blooms I know that others are close behind.

Red Rose, Mister Lincoln Rose, First Rose, Fragrant RoseToday the first rose on my Mister Lincoln bush opened up. These are beautiful dark red roses that have a very strong fragrance. I really like these roses and they make me think of my Grandpa.

St. Patrick Rose, First Rose Bud, First roses, springMy St. Patrick rose is a bit behind. This bud was the closest to opening this morning. You can really see the green tinge to the rose petals in this picture. I am sure that in just a few days I will have some nice roses to take pictures of.


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