Bees and Pollen

Today I took some pictures of bees collecting pollen.

bee, orange tree, pollen

The blossoms in these pictures are all orange blossoms. In this first picture we don’t see any pollen, but it was in interesting picture I just needed to share. Most of these pictures were of blossoms that were inside the tree and were not well illuminated. This one had just a spot of light in the right place.

bee pollen basket, honey, orange blossom

In this picture you can see a pollen basket on the hind leg of the bee.

bee, honey bee, pollen basket, orange blossomHere the leg of the bee is stretched out and you can see the pollen basket a little better.

pollen baskets, honey bee, orange blossomsHere we see pollen baskets on both hind legs. It is amazing how much pollen a single honey bee can carry.

Honey bee, pollen, orange blossomIn this picture you can see just the beginning of a pollen basket.

I am thankful for all the pollinators that help take pollen where it needs to go. Without them we would not have all the foods that we eat.







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