Wiped Out Wednesday

Tonight I am totally wiped out. The combination of jet lag and a busy week have left me very tired.

Nap Time, Nebraska Sweatshirt, Relaxing at Grandma'sI was really tired in the afternoon, but luckily during the drive home I was not too tired. However, once I got home I was wiped out.

Baseball - Oakland A's - Baseball Stadium - Summer Pasttime - America's Favorite SportI had turned on the baseball game and picked up a book I am almost done with and fell asleep during the exciting parts of both.

I got up and did a few things and sat down again, I was soon napping again.

Dad Sleeping, Grandma's House, Sunday Nap, RelaxingOf course I learned to nap from the best. My Dad is good at taking naps. This picture was taken at my grandparent’s house when they lived east of Hamburg, Iowa. You may have noticed that the first picture in the post shows me in the same chair.

These pictures bring back so many memories of that house and visiting my grandparents.

Grandpa and Grandma - Ancestors - Older couple - White Beard - Old GlassesNow my mind is wandering again as I think of my grandparents. They have especially been in my thoughts the last few weeks as I have seen so much about the flooding that has wiped out a large portion of Hamburg.

See: Thinking of Hamburg, Iowa

NASA Earth Observatory, Hamburg, Iowa, Flood, 2011The flooding this year was much worse than the flood of 2011 which is pictured here. The flood waters at the greatest extent this year covered more than half the town. There is also continued danger of flooding as the spring snow melt has just begun further up river.

Now to get some sleep. Hopefully I will sleep well tonight.


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