Shinkansen to Osaka

After a busy day in our Tokyo office on Monday I took the Shinkansen to Osaka.

Shinkansen, Tokyo, Osaka, Japan, high speed train

The Shinkansen is probably better know as the Bullet Train, and is a major mode of transportation in Japan. The system connects most major cities of Japan and is much faster than flying.

Shinkansen, Japan, Sign, Train, High Speed Train

Do I have the right train? I am at the right platform, so it should be.

Shin-Osaka, Shinkansen, Japan, High Speed Rail

OK, now I feel better, I see my train number and my destination.

Train seats, shinkansen, japan, high speed rail

There is plenty of legroom for the 2 hour and 23 minute trip to Osaka.

I was on an N700 Series Shinkansen which has a maximum speed of 300 km/h. For Americans, that is 186 mph. The train also tilts so that it can take curves faster.

The route between Tokyo and Osaka is very busy and you often hear a train pass in the opposite direction. Two 16 car trains pass by each other in just seconds.

Unfortunately it gets dark early and soon after departure I could no longwe see anything out the windows. But, then I was able to nap a bit 🙂

Bullet Train, Shinkansen, Japan Railway

I did not get a good shot of the nose of the train, but it is definitely designed to cut through the air.

When I arrived in Osaka I then had to figure out how to get to my hotel using the subway. Fortunately, it is easy to navigate the subway system as they have good English signage and instructions for the ticket vending machines.

Caution Sign, selfie stick, railway, electricity danger

I will close out this post with a warning sign that I saw. I am a bit curious as to whether this happened and they made the signs, or whether they just knew that it would be a possibility and were proactive.

In any case, I have seen a lot of selfie sticks so far on the trip.


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