Concrete Signs of Progress

Today at the construction site near our office there were concrete signs of progress.

concrete curbs, construction, parking lotHere was my first view of the construction site this afternoon. Can you see the concrete?

Today they poured some of the curbs for the parking lot.

Parking lot curb, constructionOK, it is only the parking lot, but it is actual construction. It will not be long until they have a parking lot which will give easier access to the site and be a staging area for construction materials.

Lime Work, GradingMeanwhile on the other end of the lot the grading work continues. They further built up the area where the building will stand and again are working in lime to help stabilize the ground.

It is really cool as you can now really tell where the building will be.

Water retention pondThey have also constructed a water retention pool. I really liked the reflection of the neighboring building.

Storm Drains, Parking LotThere was also some other concrete which had been brought to the site. Here you can see some of the pieces of the storm drain system for the parking lot. These will soon be in the ground.

Dublin, SnowLook to the hills in the distance, and you can see that we again had snow on the hills around Dublin and Pleasanton. I was trying to visualize the view from the top floor of the new building, and I think that it is going to be good. Especially if we have snow on Mount Diablo or a great sunset.


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