An Evening Walk

I started out the year with an evening walk. I hope to average about four miles a day walking this year so I was off to a good start last night. Today I did not walk as far, but together with yesterday I am at the average 🙂

It was a nice evening for a walk, so I will share some images I took along the way.

zanussi park, tracy california, evening walkYou can see that the sun is starting to set with the way the trees are lit up in this picture. I knew that it would be getting dark soon, but had a nice long route in mind.

railroad tracks, sun setting, altamontHere is a nice view down the railroad tracks toward Mount Diablo. You can see that there are few clouds in the sky, so I knew that there might be a good sunset later.

Fire Station, Flag at half mast, Bush, Tracy CaliforniaHere is the first fire station that I passed on my walk. You can see the nice flag pole in front of the station.

Fire Station, Flag, Tracy, California, SunsetHere is the second fire station that I passed. You can tell that it is a bit later when I passed by. You can also see the flag pole in this picture, but do you see a difference?

The flag at the second station was at the top of the flag pole and the one at the first was at half-mast. I had to check and see which flag was being flown correctly. A quick check on my phone found that the flag was to have been flown at half-mast for President Bush till sundown on December 30. Now if I had been walking on December 30, the flags would have been correct at both fire stations in this configuration as I passed the second station after sundown.

Sunset, evening walk, tracy, californiaAs I turned for home I could see the sky above the houses to the west. There was a beautiful sunset in progress and I slowly watched the color fade as I headed toward home.

During the last mile or so I started to feel some rubbing on the back of my foot and when I got home I discovered that the plastic in the back of my shoe had cracked and curved inward. I had a nice abrasion on the back of my foot and a bloody sock.

I did a bit of surgery on my shoe, but may need to just go buy a new pair.


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