Christmas 2018

This afternoon I visited some friends to enjoy a nice Christmas dinner.

Entry Way, Roses, Flowers, ChristmasI always like walking up to the door at my friend’s house as they have a nice entryway and it usually has some nice seasonal decorations. I also like the roses that bloom almost the entire year.

White Christmas Tree, Christmas 2018, White ChristmasMy first view when I went in the door was of a nice Christmas tree. The white tree looked very nice with the decorations.

Christmas 2018, Table Decorations, Christmas FeastThe table was set and ready for the feast, but first we had a great time just sitting around talking while waiting for a few more guests to show up. We had some nice appetizers. I had some nice cheese and crackers along with some olives.

Snowman, Christmas Decorations, Christmas 2018I also looked for all the new decorations. My friend has so many cool holiday decorations, not matter which holiday it is. I really like this snowman with a cup of hot chocolate. However, I am trying not to think of what would happen to the snowman if it was actually drinking the hot chocolate 🙂

Pie, Dessert, Apple Pie, Pumpkin PieI was not going to show any pictures of food, but then I saw this picture that I took of my dessert and decided that I needed to share it.

One of my friends asked what kind of pie I wanted. I said pumpkin apple and got a bit of each. Just like I like it, no whipped cream.

I had a great evening catching up with some friends that I had not seen for a long time.

Merry Christmas!



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