Final Evening of the Trip

This evening was the final one of the trip. After finishing up my meetings at work, walking back to the hotel and answering a few more e-mails I headed for the city center.

TeeGschwendner, Jena, Germany, Tea, Loose Tea, shoppingMy first stop was at TeeGschwendner to pick up a bit more tea. This evening I picked up some China Eastern Beauty Oolong to add to some oolong teas that I picked up last weekend.

rastbratwurst, Jena, grill special, ThuringianI also realized that I had not had a Thüringer Rostbratwurst during the trip. I decided that I just had to stop and get one.

Thüringer Rostbratwurst, grill, sausage, bratwurst

You can only get a true Thüringer Rostbratwurst in Thüringia as it has PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) status.

has PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) status., Thuringian Bratwurst

The grill operator took this picture for me. I had actually met him earlier this week.  He joined us just as I was finishing my meal while Sharing a Table at the Roter Hirsch. This was the reason why I chose this grill to visit as I could have gone to several different vendors at the Christmas markets.

Kartoffel Haus, Jena, Germany, Pork Steak

The bratwurst was just an appetizer. I then went and had a nice quiet dinner at the Kartoffelhaus. This time I had a nice pork steak with roasted potatoes.

I then headed back to the hotel to start packing. I didn’t have to decide how to pack, just how to get everything in the suitcase and my carry-on bags 🙂

Now for some sleep before a long day of travel on Saturday.



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  1. You remind me of the saying “All who wander are not lost.”

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