A Winter Walk to Work

When I am traveling I often get to walk to work. At home it is way to far to walk, so it is a nice change.

Winter, Jena, Germany, Walk to WorkOf course, walking to work in winter may not always be the nicest walk. You end up walking to work when it is still a bit dark. My first day here I did not have to be at the office as early, so it was getting light.

Steigenberger Maxx, Hotel, Jena GermanyAs I head off to work I start by walking behind the hotel, so was able to get a nice picture through the trees.

Saale River, Bridge, Jena, Germany

About half way through the walk I have to cross a bridge across the Saale River. In the winter I can see the bridge as I approach. In the summer it is not so easy to see.

River reflections, Saale River, Jena, Germany

I had to stop and take a few pictures from the bridge as the reflections of the trees in the calm waters of the river were really intriguing. This is just one of the many pictures that I took.

It always takes me longer to walk to work on the first day as I have to stop and take a lot of pictures.

Zeiss, Meditec, Goschwitz, Germany, Work

Finally I made it to work. Our office is an interesting looking building. I am not sure what style of architecture this is, but it is very modern looking. The business park has some earlier buildings that are definitely in the Bauhaus style and also buildings that are definitely postwar-modern.

In the winter the building is pretty bare in front, but at other times of the year it has a bit of color.

The next day the walk to work was a bit faster, especially as it had started sprinkling and I didn’t want to get too wet 🙂



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