Monday Wandering Thoughts

Tonight I was unable to go out and walk for the third straight day.

Air Quality Index, Unhealthy airYesterday the air was Very Unhealthy with an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 262. I sheltered in place most of the day and still had a headache from all the smoke.

Air Quality Index, 164, UnhealthyToday the AQI was much less at 164, but still Unhealthy. I opted to stay inside tonight, although I did embarrass myself by walking down to the mailbox to check the mail. I realized as I opened the mail box that mail was not delivered today.

It was nice to have only a 25 minute drive to work this morning 🙂

Hazardous AQI, 500 AQI, Paradise. California, FiresI did check to see how bad the AQI was in Paradise which is where the latest fires are that are affecting the area. The AQI is Hazardous at 500, but it is really much worse as the scale tops out at 500.

I have some friends who live in Paradise, but thankfully they are safe with their daughter in the Bay Area. They are not sure what has happened with their house yet.

Puritan Pedigrees, Great Migration, Charles Anderson, History, GenealogyI also got a notification today that Puritan Pedigrees: The Deep Roots of the Great Migration to New England by Robert Charles Anderson was available for pre-order from the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Of course, I am now waiting for late December when my copy will be shipped. See my post: Migrations

Curse of Oak Island, History Channel, Did they find anything?Since I was unable to go walking I have been watching the History Channel as they went through much of the last season of The Curse of Oak Island in preparation for the first episode of the new season on Tuesday night. I saw a few clips for the season and it looks like there will be some exciting things happening.

See my post: Oak Island

I also spent some time digging through my clothes archive tonight and pulling out some smaller sized pants. They are in the laundry as they fit comfortably again.



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