Old Blue Wheel Woes

This week I have had wheel woes. A couple weeks ago I hit a pothole pretty hard and I have been keeping an eye on the tire.

Old Blue, Airport Parking, Anza Parking, SFOThis week the tire pressure warning light came on and I took it in to get looked at.

Car tire, wheel, bent wheel rim, Tire Trouble, Pot HoleYou can see here where the tire hit the pot hole. You can also see that there is slight damage to the wheel, but it was thought that it was minor enough that it did not need to be replaced.

Pontiac G6 GXP, Blue Car, Auto WorkSo, a tire was ordered and I took the day off to get an oil change and have the tire replaced.

I dropped my car off this morning and got a ride home to make plans for the afternoon.

Goodyear tires, new tires, Pontiac G6 GXPA couple hours later I received a phone call letting me know that the wheel also needed to be replaced. The new tire was not able to be mounted as the equipment uses the edge of the wheel as a guide and the deformation was too much.

So, since the old tire was already off all I can do is wait. Fortunately the new wheel will be delivered in the morning.

zuma, computer game, wasting timeSince most of my planned afternoon errands needed my car, I lost motivation and started playing a game on my computer. Zuma is addictive 🙂

I did get some reading done. I finished two books that I had started earlier in the week and read parts of three or four others.

I also got in a long walk this evening. I have made it to the next destination on my virtual hike and will write about it soon.


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