Almost Full Moon Commute Home

Tonight the moon was almost full and was rising above the horizon as I tackled my nightly commute.

I first saw the moon while in Livermore when it was just over the hills and it looked very large. However, it was faint as it was still light. It soon disappeared behind the Altamont, but I knew that I would see it again later in my commute.

Peeking Moon, Altamont, Almost Full MoonAs I started down the Altamont you could see the moon just peeking over the hills.

Power Lines, Altamont, Full Moon, Back setHere it looks like I am driving into the sunset instead of away from it. I really like this picture with the power lines, the lone cow and the golden grass of the Altamont in the dry season.

You can see that the moon is starting to rise up into the air and appearing smaller and smaller.

However, you could still see a lot of detail of the surface of the moon which does not show up in these pictures.

Moon and Power Towers, Sunset, Golden Hills, Almost Full MoonHere are more power lines with the moon behind the towers. I go under several sets of power lines on the way home.

Moon at Dusk, Commute Home, Almost Full MoonIt is getting darker as I approach home and the moon is even higher in the sky.

I had to make a stop at the library on the way home and I tried to take a picture of the moon to show the detail.

Moon - Almost Full Moon - Beautiful Evening - Craters on the moonI was not successful, so decided to share this picture I took some time ago that shows the detail of an almost full moon. The moon will not be full until Wednesday.

Tonight I took a long solitary walk under the almost full moon. You can tell that fall is here as leaves are starting to appear on the sidewalks and it is getting a bit chilly.



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