Bushes in the Fall

Tonight is mainly just a picture post. Fall has begun and I took just a few pictures of some of the bushes outside of our meeting place.

Fall Blossoms, Flowering bushes, fall, seasonsHere in California we will often have blossoms on bushes far into fall as the weather stays warm enough.

Fall flowers, California fall, pink blossomsHere are some nice dark pink flowers.

bushes, seed pods, fall, seasonsYou do however start to see a lot of seed pods on the bushes as the blossoms die off.

cobwebs, spiders, seed pods, bushesAlso, the spider webs start becoming more visible without the bright petals of the blossoms or flowers.

Big spider webs, fall websYou also see webs that cover large portions of a bush. This picture just has a fall feel to it. You see the dead leaves, seed pods and of course the cobwebs which bring October and Halloween to mind.




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