Late Summer Yard Work

Summer is drawing to a close and cooler weather is on the way. However, this means that lots of yard work needs to be done.

Back Yard, pre mow, tall grassThe grass is nice and green with the lower temperatures and I definitely should mow a bit more often. Two weeks was a bit too long this time. I had to take it slow and go over some areas more than once.

Back Yard Mowed, Summer Yard WorkThe back yard looked really nice once the mowing was all done.

Roses, Spent Roses, Dead blossoms, rose hipsI also did some work cleaning up my roses on Saturday. I have not been taking care of them as often as I should this summer and they were full of spent flowers.

Yard Waste, Rose Waste, yard Work, Rose clippingsMy yard waste container had a lot of clippings from the rose bushes when I was done. Much more than I should have at one time. Hopefully I will keep up a bit better this fall.

Dried Rose, Pink Rose, Hot Pink RoseOf course, I do like the look of a dried out rose. It is hard for me to cut them off the bushes when they look like this, although I know it will only be a few more days when they will lose all the petals.

One nice thing about yard work this week was having a green lawn to the west of me. The people who have moved in have turned the sprinklers back on. If only the neighbors on the other side would do the same. Their bushes and trees are barely staying alive.



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