Thinking of my Cousin Lori

I have been thinking about my cousin Lori for the last several days because of the hurricane bearing down on the Carolinas.

Hurrican Florence, North Carolina, CarolinasWe have a group chat set up and I have been getting updates as to how she is riding out the storm. So far she is doing OK, but prayers continue.

Since I have been thinking about her I have also been looking at some old pictures πŸ™‚

Great Grandmother, Hamburg, Iowa, BluffdaleI will start with the oldest picture. Here is Lori with our Great-Grandmother Lottie Van Duzor. We called her Grandma Van. They are at the Bluffdale house where my grandparents lived just outside of Hamburg, Iowa.

Lori, Cousin, Big Glasses, Big hairLori lived with us for awhile during my high school years and this is how she looks in many of my memories. Can you tell that it was the 80’s πŸ™‚

Ready for a dance, Ashland, Kanasas, High School DanceHere is my beautiful cousin all ready for a High School dance. She looks really nice in the long white dress.

Big Smile, Cousin, MemoriesHere is a more recent picture. She has such a beautiful smile.

Lori, keep safe. We are thinking about you.


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