Old School Books – The Students

Four years ago I wrote a post about some Old School Books that belonged to my great, great grandparents. I have them safely tucked away in a closet and will occasionally take them out and look at them.

Alfred Van Duzor, Henrietta Shafer, 2nd Great Grand parents, ancestorsThis week my mother sent me a picture of the two students, so I thought I would share it along with a little recap of the earlier post.

old school books, High School Books, 5th Reader, 1863, Parker and WatsonThis school book is The National Fifth Reader: containing a treatise on Elocution; Exercises in Reading and Declamation; with Biographical Sketches and Copious Notes.

Great, Great Grandparents School Book, Signature, Inscription, Lewis Munn, Sullivanville, New YorkThe book belonged to my great, great grandmother Henrietta Shafer.

Robinson's Mathematical Series, Old School Book, 1864The other book is a Math book with a very long title. You can see a copy of the title page in the older post.

Old School Book, Signature of Ancestor, Chemung, Sullivanville, New York, Van DuzorThe Math book belonged to Alfred Van Duzor.

Alfred and Henrietta married on the last day of 1867 a couple years after he returned home from serving in the Civil War.

Seeing the picture of the two students together help me appreciate the books even more.


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