Old Cars and Trucks

Tonight I was going through some old family pictures and a few caught my eye that had something in common. They all had an old car or truck in them. So here are some Old Cars and Trucks.

Old Car, Wedding Day, Model TI will start with a picture of newlyweds in front of a Model T.

Alice and Harry were married in 1927. Alice was a cousin of my great-grandmother Pearl.

Family Picture, Old Car, Touring Car, IowaHere is my Great-Grandmother Pearl with her kids. The picture was taken in the 1930’s. I think you can easily tell which one is my Grandma Mary πŸ™‚

Serviceman, Uncle, 1945, IowaThis is my Great Uncle Joe. It looks like the date is 1945 so he may have just returned from Europe. He served in North Africa and Italy and was a Purple Heart recipient.

Old Truck, Grapes of Wrath, Iowa, Farm TruckWhen I first saw this picture if made me think of The Grapes of Wrath. However, it was taken in Iowa and is of my Great Uncle Bill, his wife Mildred and infant daughter Roberta. I think the little girl may be my Grandma. Update: I talked to my Mother and the little girl is a cousin named Iva LeJean.

Old Truck, Iowa, Family GroupThis picture was taken a few years later. Here Uncle Bill, Mildred and Roberta are joined by my Great Uncle Perry and my Great Grandpa William.

Cars and trucks make good backdrops for pictures πŸ™‚


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