Weary Wednesday

Today is a Weary Wednesday. I am still not sleeping well after my last trip and I woke up with a sore throat. The sore throat was caused by reaction to the very poor air quality we are having due to the many fires in California.

Central Valley, Altamont Fire, Wildfire, SmokeI am feeling better now, but am still weary.

Vietnam Oolong Tea, High Mountain Tea, Green OolongI am having a nice cup of tea and listening to some Classical music.

Nap Time, Nebraska Sweatshirt, Relaxing at Grandma'sI am trying to stay up just a bit longer. I took a nap earlier, but don’t want to go to bed too far in advance of my regular bedtime.

Loose Meat Sandwich, Canteen, Steamed Hamburger I needed to cook some hamburger that I bought on Saturday so I had a nice Loose Meat Sandwich for dinner.

Now to get ready for tomorrow. I have a very early morning conference call with Germany and an early evening one with Singapore so it will be a long day.

Now for some sleep.



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1 Response to Weary Wednesday

  1. Melody says:

    Take care Steve!

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