Saturday in Sydney

I spent Saturday afternoon walking around Sydney and visiting a few sites. I took around 500 pictures so decided that I would just share 1% of them with you tonight.

State Library of NSW, New South Wales Library, Australian Library

My first stop of the day was the State Library of New South Wales. I will most likely write an individual post about this library and share a few more pictures. This is a great research library, however I didn’t get a chance to browse the stacks as it is a closed stack library.

State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, libraries

Here is a shot of the entrance of the library from across the street. It is a very large building and this is just the older part of the library. They also have off-site storage for books and documents.

Sydney Public Library, Customs House Library, Library Branch, Sydney

This is the Customs House Library branch of the Sydney library system. It is in a beautiful old building and has a great layout inside. The library is in the central business district of Sydney and just a block away from the harbour.

I will be talking about both of these libraries as well as other libraries around the world in an upcoming talk at my local library.

Art Gallery, New South Wales, Australia, Sydney

Another place I visited today was the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The gallery has greatly expanded since my last visit and is getting ready to undergo an even bigger expansion. They have a great collection of art and it was nice to browse through the galleries.

As I went from place to place today I would walk through the botanical gardens.  I have a lot of pictures of trees and flowers to share in future posts.

Sydney Opera House, Winter, Sunset, Sydney, Australia

Sunset came early since it is winter here and I was able to get a few nice pictures of the Sydney Opera House. The sun was actually setting behind me, but it was lighting up the clouds behind the opera house.

After the sun went down I headed back toward my apartment. I stopped and picked up some take-out on the way back and got laundry started before having my dinner.

Now for a relaxing Sunday with friends.


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