Over the past couple of days I have traveled from SFO to SYD. Of course, you should already know that SFO is San Francisco and SYD is logically Sydney. The flight was only 15 hours long, but I left San Francisco on Friday night and arrived in Sydney on Sunday morning. I didn’t really have a Saturday this week.

Airplane Map, SFO, SYD, United Airlines

Here you can see the flight map and you can see that we took a pretty direct route, but not exactly straight. There were several areas of turbulence and I think this is why we made a few course changes.

Yesterday afternoon I wrote that it was going to be a Delayed Flight. Luckily I was paying attention to my app as they bumped the flight back to the original time. It was a bit past the original planned departure time from home, but traffic was light so made it to the airport with plenty of time.

Upgrade, United Business Class, 787, Frequent Flier

As I got to the airport I learned that I had received an upgrade. I had been at the top of the upgrade list since I checked in, but the flight was full. It was nice to get the good news and to be able to use an upgrade on what is probably the longest flight I will take this year. This is where the down and back flight to LA I took at the end of last year has paid off. See: There and Back

Pork Chop, Business Class Food, United, Polaris Class

It was nice to have a meal on the plane that not only tasted good, but also looked good. Then it was time to lay back and get some sleep. A long flight goes much quicker when you can get some good sleep.

Wing of 787, Flight to Australia

I don’t often sit in a window seat, so I decided to take a few pictures while I had the chance. I really like the way the wing on a 787 looks, although it is a bit more dramatic when you are sitting right over it and looking straight up the wing.

When I landed in Sydney, I was able to quickly go though immigration, but then had a long wait at the baggage claim. You have to wait somewhere.

Unfortunately the train to the airport was not running due to track maintenance and I was not going to take a bus. So, it was time to go stand in the taxi line.

I really dislike the taxi line at the Sydney airport, they seriously need to look at making it more efficient. I am not an expert, but having seen many taxi stands around the world even I could improve their efficiency with a simple reorganization of their existing loading space and a bit of training for the staff.

Serviced Apartment, Meriton, North Ryde, Sydney

After the long taxi ride I made it to my serviced apartment and got another surprise. I got another upgrade. Instead of a studio apartment I am staying in a one bedroom apartment for the next two weeks. It is a bit more space, but also nice that I don’t see my bed all the time 🙂

Taking the taxi also had another advantage. I got to the apartment a little quicker than I would have by train as traffic was light. I then had more time before I was picked up by friends to go to worship services at Macquarie Church of Christ. I have to admit, I fell asleep a few times during church this morning.

Now to stay awake until a normal bed time. Maybe just a little nap? I will think about it after I get in some shopping so I have something for breakfast tomorrow.


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