A Funny Old Picture

I was looking through some old picture tonight looking for inspiration for a post and ran across some pictures taken almost 100 years ago.

uncle ray, funny picture, 1919, big glassesWhile looking at them I saw something that I hadn’t noticed before.

I had always thought that this was just a nice picture of my great great uncle Ray Cochran in overalls holding my Grandma. I focused more on Ray as I knew what Grandma looked like.

Overalls, Funny picture, glassesThere were two pictures that were almost alike, with only the way Ray was holding my Grandma being different.

For the first time I noticed that my Grandma was wearing some big glasses.

big glasses, Uncle Ray, Century old pictureHere is a little closer view of my Grandma with the big glasses or goggles. They look like maybe they are driving goggles, but I am not sure. I also noticed that Grandma was missing a shoe 🙂

Perhaps my Dad will have a memory of this picture, so I hope my Mom shows it to him and asks him about it.

Railroad track, cigar, Uncle Ray, 1919 pictureHere is another picture of Uncle Ray from the same time period.

He looks like he was a fun uncle.

Now I am thinking I need to get some overalls. I always enjoyed wearing them when I was young.



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