Finally Yard Work

Tonight I finally got some yard work done. My grass was getting really tall and shaggy.

On the weekend I had just returned from China and besides being very tired it was very hot. Then came some long days at work. But finally tonight it was time.

Tall Grass, Mowing, Yard WorkHere you can see my ragged lawn, including some roses that were laying over onto the ground.

Mowing, tall grass, yard workHere you can see a bit how tall the grass was getting. It actually looked pretty cool with the wind blowing over it, but it was time to get it under control.

Cut grass, front lawn, yard workThe grass was soon cut short. However, I didn’t do any trimming. It can look ragged around the edges for a week or so before I get ready for my next trip.

volunteer trees, back yard, grassMy backyard was worse than the front with a row of volunteer trees sprouting up.

back yard, fence, freshly mowed yardThe back yard was soon cleaned up. I also cut off a large branch from one of my trees that was getting too close to the roof. I need to do more tree work, but it must wait.

I was really tired as the jet lag has not yet been sorted out. I later fell asleep on the couch while catching up on the latest episodes of Who Do You Think You Are.

Now after this quick post it is off to bed.


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