Chinese Food Shops

This morning as I prepare to head to the classroom I will just share some images from my walk on Sunday. These are all from little food shops along the way. Most of the pictures are pretty nice, but if you are a bit squeamish you may not want to see the last one 🙂

Firm Tofu, Blocks of Tofu, Cutting Tofu, Shanghai

Here are some blocks of tofu being cut into small squares. It was interesting to see the man quickly cut the tofu. Just close by a lady was grilling tofu that probably came from these blocks.

Watermelons with stems, Shanghai Fruit Vendor

Do you notice anything unusual about these watermelon?

I found it interesting that they all had long stems and sometime large leaves still attached. I saw this in many little fruit stands and shops. It is interesting to see how food is presented in different countries.

Purple Mangosteen, fruit vendor, shanghai

Do you know what fruit this is? It is not very common in the United States, but is widely eaten in Asia. You may have seen it used in food competitions like Chopped, but you will probably not find it in your local grocery store.

This is a purple mangosteen, or just simply mangosteen.

Pork Ribs, Shanghai, Street Food, Food Shop

Here is an interesting way to display pork ribs. I did not have any pork ribs at this little shop, but have had several dishes with pork rib meat so far on this trip. There are many little shops that have cooked meats for sale. It is very interesting how some of the meats are displayed.

Now for the last picture. It is a bit bloody.

Cut Fish, fish heads, fish monger, Shanghai

I walked by a little shop that was selling fish and watched the owner do a bit of butchering. Here you can see the bloody fish heads and a section view of the body of the fish.

I am now hoping that we have a good fish head soup or a whole fish at our team dinner later in the week.

Now it is time for a good breakfast.


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