Roses are Red

Here are a few red roses:

Red Rose, rose garden, roses are redI recently took this picture of one of my Mr. Lincoln rose blooms. I thought about centering the bloom in the picture, but then I would have missed all the petals that have fallen on the ground from spent blooms.

Red roses, rose garden, roses are red, rose bloomsHere are several more blooms on my Mr. Lincoln rose bush. I really like the color of these roses. They are also very fragrant and I really enjoy taking the time to smell the roses.

Mister Lincoln, Rose Bloom, Raindrops on Roses, Red RoseThe Mr. Lincoln roses also look very nice when they have raindrops on them.

Rose, Rose Bush, Mr. Lincoln Rose BushIn the spring there may not be too many roses on the rose bush.

Roses, tall roses, eaves, Mr. Lincoln RosesHowever, by the end of the year the bush is over eight feet tall and roses are blooming as high as the roof.

Now for some sleep. It has been a very long day.


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