Sunday Afternoon Drive Home

Today I came home early from Patterson as I was not feeling the best. Something that I ate last week has not set well with me 🙂

Vineyard, California, Central Valley, HillsThe weather this weekend is not typical for the last weekend in April, by this time it is usually much warmer and the skies are clear.

Here you can see a vineyard with the hills lining the Central Valley behind them. The clouds in the sky just felt like rain. However, I had asked Siri and she showed that rain was not in the forecast.

Central Valley, Hills, California, Farmland, CloudsIt is also still early enough in the year that the hills are still showing some green. We have had some late spring rains and this has helped.

Agriculture, Central Valley, California Farms, Red BarnAs I got closer to home you could see that the sky was a bit darker. I always enjoy this view as I pass by and since there was no one close I slowed down and took a few pictures.

Red Barn, Mt. Diablo, California, Agriculture, TracyI really like this view of the red barn with Mt. Diablo in the background. The view of the mountain is usually better, but with the weather it is a bit obscured.

Rain, Windshield, Tracy, California Spring RainAs I got into town it started to sprinkle. I never did have to use my windshield wipers as it only sprinkled for a short time. I think the only reason why I have so much on my windshield here is that I was stopped for a time at the light. The rain drops were soon swept off the windshield as I went forward.

I am feeling much better now, but did have to cut my walk short tonight.

Did you have good weather today?


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