Things in Trees

I thought about a title for this post and came up with Things in Trees.

Ripening Apricots, spring fruit, orchardHere we have some apricots that are starting to ripen. They still have a long way to go, but are starting to at least get some color.

Cherries, orchard, cherry orchard, spring fruitThe cherries are starting to ripen and turn red. They are still very hard, but soon they will be a beautiful red and full of juice.

Fig Leaves, Fig Tree, Figs, orchardDo you know what type of leaves these are? I really like these large leaves. You can really see the leaf structure.

Figs, Fig Leaves, Two Figs, orchardHere you can see that they are fig leaves. They are hiding a couple of figs that are slowly ripening.

Now to see why I didn’t title the post Fruit in Trees.

Honey Bee, Orange Tree, Orchard, pollinating, pollination, rose blossomHere is a little honey bee that is pollinating an orange blossom. I really like the detail in this picture. I end up taking a lot of pictures of bees to get one good one. The little critters will usually not stay still to get their picture taken how I want them.

I hope you enjoyed these Things in Trees.


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