More Wildfires

Tonight I am thinking of my many friends in Kansas and Oklahoma. There are yet again large grass fires that are threatening ranches and homes in the border areas.

Grass fires, Kansas wildfires, southwest kansasScenes like this are playing out again as the fires rapidly consume valuable grazing and crop land.

western kansas fires, wildfiresIt was just over a year ago when fires destroyed much of the county in Kansas where I went to High School.

Starbuck Fire, Ashland, Englewood, Kansas WildfiresThe fire was known as the Starbuck fire and you can see that it brought widespread destruction.

This year there is a big fire north of Woodward and east of Laverne.

Oklahoma Fires, 34 Complex Fire, Rhea Fire, wild firesHere you can see an outline of where the big fires in Western Oklahoma are now. The fire north of Woodward is known as the 34 Complex fire and is close to 70,000 acres.

The big fire to the south of Woodward is known as the Rhea fire and is close to 250,000 acres. These are very large and destructive fires.

I have friends that live in the Woodward/Mooreland area. So far they are not affected, but I am praying for them.

Starbuck Fire, Kansas wildfires, Englewood, Houses destroyedLast year some close family friends lost their homes in Englewood, Kansas. I have tears in my eyes as I also remember my friend Monty who lost his home in the fire and later passed away while they were rebuilding. See: Zane Grey Memories

Monty’s parents are shown in the screenshot above. They have rebuilt, but it has been tough.

Keep the people affected by the Oklahoma fires in your prayers as they are very devastating and the recovery process takes a long time.


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2 Responses to More Wildfires

  1. I remember a a child, seeing a whole mountain top (miles of it ) being engulfed in flames. My thoughts always go out to those caught up in the conflagration

  2. Sorry please correct the a a to as a.

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