Heading North Again

Today I am Heading North again to Toronto, Canada. I always enjoy visiting our office in Canada.

Air Canada, Flight to Toronto, SFO Airport, National Aviation DayI am again flying on Air Canada, which is not my favorite way to fly. Even though Air Canada is a partner of United, hardly any of the frequent flyer benefits carry over. I am stuck in a window seat back in the cramped section of the plane. I was at least able to get the agent to give me an aisle seat on the way back. However, the equivalent of Economy Plus on Air Canada is purchase only and not exactly cheap. If an Air Canada Star Alliance Gold member was flying United they would have free Economy Plus.

Lufthansa Business Class Meal, Lufthansa Airlines, Istanbul to FrankfurtEven though this flight is an International flight and is five hours long, Air Canada also treats it as a domestic flight and there is no meal served. Instead, it is food for purchase like any domestic flight. Even on a domestic flight in the US with United I get a free snack box or hot food item with my frequent flyer status. I don’t expect a nice meal like this one with Lufthansa Business class on a much shorter flight from Germany to Israel, but at least something.

United Club, airline club breakfast, strawberries, phone chargingI do have access to the Red Carpet Club here in SFO, but not one close to the gate. I had to go to one of the domestic terminals. I guess it is a positive in that I am getting some good exercise with the long walk. I just need to make sure I leave in plenty of time to get back to my gate.

San Francisco Airport, SFO, Planes, United Airlines, Air CanadaOne interesting change is that Air Canada has switched terminals again at SFO. This is the second time in the last five years that they have switched. They are now back in the terminal with United.

However, this meant a bit longer security lines as it is the busier terminal. There were way to many Seldom Fliers in line ahead of me. I was even in a priority line and people did not seem to know what they were doing. I watched two people fill up six plastic boxes with items removed from bags or from their person. Then their carry-on bags still had to be scanned a second time as they had left bottles of water in them.

Oh, and the people that play stupid and use the wrong lines. grrrr….. Oh, I am really sorry I didn’t realize that this was the wrong line. Can you put me through anyway?

Air Canada Jet, Toronto Airport, Pearson Airport, Flying Home

Oh well, I will soon be headed to the plane and once I am seated can sit back and relax. I can read a book or watch a movie or two. At least Air Canada has a good entertainment system with lots of choices. With as much reading as I do, people often assume that I spend my entire flight reading. Actually, I seldom read on a plane. There are often too many distractions and I cannot concentrate enough on a book. However, sometimes I can read. It just depends on the book and the surroundings on an individual flight.

Now to catch up on some last e-mails and finish my snack. Then, it is off to Canada. I am really looking forward to this weekend as I am spending it with some wonderful friends.


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