Late Pruning

This year I am a bit late with pruning my roses. They were already starting to renew their growth and I just had to get them pruned today.

Pruning roses, rose bushes, pruningIt is really hard for me to prune back roses that are full of leaves and buds, but I know that it has to be done each year. Here you can see that I have started pruning back my bushiest rose bush which is a yellow floribunda. It is always full of roses and still had a few blooms left.

dried rose blossom, Mister Lincoln Rose Bush, Beauty and the BeastMy Mister Lincoln rose bush had a few dried out blooms on it, but just a few days ago had some beautiful big blooms. This rose makes me think of the rose in Beauty and the Beast as it slowly dries out and loses petals.

Rose Blooms, February Roses, February PruningHere you can see that I am saving some of the rose blooms. It was so hard to just throw them in the yard waste container.

Roses in vase, red and yellow rosesI usually do not bring any roses into the house, but I decided that I needed to save these last few roses. I used a nice green vase that has been in our family for a long time.  I did move them to the living room, so they are where I can see them while reading or watching the Olympics later this week.

pruned rose bushes, pruning, spring pruningI still need to do a bit of close trimming, but my front yard looks so bare with the huge rose bushes pruned back. I am still trying to decide whether to get rid of the green bush. It is almost 20 years old and doesn’t flower like it used to. Hmm…..

Now for some rest. It has been a long day with over 10 miles of walking.



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