Cold Outside

On Facebook tonight I have seen a lot of posts about how cold it will be over the next few days.

Here in California it is a bit cold, but nowhere near as cold as it will be for my friends back in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

Iowa Winter, Frank Miller, Editorial Cartoon, Iowa, Farm in SnowIowa will definitely get some snow as is usual during Iowa in Winter, but they will get much colder temperatures than normal this weekend.

Coldest Temps, Norfolk Nebraska, 20 below, cold, burrTonight I am thinking of the coldest temperatures that I have ever experienced. Back in the early 90’s when I lived in Nebraska I was in Norfolk doing some work at the hospital when the weather forecast showed that a big blizzard was to come through. I decided to stay in Norfolk instead of attempting to drive home to Lincoln, but couldn’t find a hotel room. Fortunately a friend at Nebraska Christian College helped me arrange for a place to stay.

The temperatures made it down to less than -20 degrees that night. Luckily I was inside and warm but my car was out in the cold. The next day we had to pull the car into the garage to let it warm up enough so that I could get it started and head for home.

Cold Temps, Norfolk, Under Zero, Zero degreesI looked to see what the temperatures were going to be in Norfolk this weekend. It will only get down to -6 degrees but it will feel much colder than that. I am glad that I am not there.

Cold Temps, Linn, Missouri, Parents, Cold SnapI checked to see how cold it would be getting where my parents live. They will only get down to 11 degrees there. Still, would rather be here, especially as I am going out for a walk as soon as I get this post written. It is only 46 degrees here, but I will bundle up a bit.

I am actually going to fly south in the morning to where it is a bit warmer, but will not be going outside as I will be flying back right away. More on that later šŸ™‚

Jena, Germany, Winter, Cold Weather, Snow, Ice, RainI will however be getting nasty weather next week as I will be flying to Germany to teach a course. I will arrive on Thursday night so will get a bit of cold rain and maybe even see some snow on the weekend. Luckily I will be inside most of the time.

Keep warm and bundle up if you do need to go outside.

I know what I would be doing. I would be curled up with a good book.



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