Views from the Plane

When I fly I do not usually sit by the window. However, when flying between Kansas City and San Francisco today I had both an aisle and window seat. So, what did I do? I pulled out my camera and took a few pictures during the flight.

Kansas City Missouri, Airport, MCI, AirportsWhile sitting at the gate I took a few pictures, including one of the very familiar control tower at the Kansas City airport. For many years, this was my home airport and I really enjoyed the convenience of the airport. The gates are very close to the curb and it does not take long to get to the plane.

This also brought back memories of my last flight from Kansas City when we sat through a thunderstorm while waiting to take off.

Kansas City Airport, New Airport, Taking off, Kansas City to San FranciscoHere we are taking off. In the top left you can see the three terminals of the Kansas City Airport. They will soon start construction on a brand new airport terminal that will replace the existing ones.

In Flight, Cloud layer, clouds, flyingHere is the cloud layer as we rose above it toward our cruising altitude. It was cloudy for much of the flight. I think… I did get a good long nap in πŸ™‚ Maybe it was just mostly cloudy when I was awake.

Snow Covered Mountains, Flying, NovemberHere you can see that there is already snow in the Sierras. The snow is only on the higher ground, but definitely winter is on the way.

Patterson from the air. flying, overhead viewSome of my readers may immediately recognize this town. I spend a lot of time here on Sundays. I can see just where the orchard is that I have written several posts about and also pick out where several of my friends live. We flew just to the north of town so I was able to get a good view. Since we were on our descent we were low enough to see some detail.

Now for some sleep. At least jet lag will not be too bad with only a two hour time difference.




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