Walking at Night

I have just returned from a long walk. I had planned on only walking a couple of miles, but decided to try and reach the end of the book of Jeremiah. I finally gave up as the chapters got longer and longer and I needed to get back home before it got too late. I made it to chapter 51, but it takes more than 10 minutes to listen to so I decided it could wait until the next walk.

Orion - Constellation - Orion the Hunter - Orion's Belt - Orion NebulaThe night sky was clear, so it gave me a chance to look at the stars while I was walking. You could clearly see Orion tonight.

Evening Walk, Leaves, Silhouette, December Walk, Night WalkOf course this time of year there are a lot of leaves on the sidewalks, so I have to be careful. I do like the sound of walking through the leaves.

Park, Gazebo, Fall Day, Beautiful walk, exercise, Vote WalkIt would be nice to walk in the daytime, but this is not an option during most of fall. Especially during the week when I return home after dark.

Western burrowing owl, parliament of owls, owls, Athene cuniculariaSometimes I get to see owls while I walk. Tonight I saw a barn owl fly overhead. I haven’t seen a burrowing owl in the last couple of months, but I often see them while walking at night. However, there has been construction near one of the places I see them. I am sure that the noise has probably scared them off. Will they come back?

Tree lined sidewalks, walking, constuctionThis is one of the areas where I sometimes see an owl. You can see that they are doing some construction. I will be so glad when it is finished as traffic is really slowed down and the road is rough.

I must get this posted and get some rest before a long week in the classroom.


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