Falling Back

Tonight is the night that we ‘Fall Back in Time.’

Shangai Customs House - Bund - Daylight Saving Time - Shanghai, ChinaI sometimes get confused with the saying Spring Forward, Fall Back. I am more likely to fall forward or to spring back from something, so it is just counterintuitive for me. But, it is a mnemonic that has been used for a long time so it must work for most people.

Eastgate Clock - Chester, England - 2nd most photographed Clock - Clock Tower on BridgeSo tonight I am thinking about clocks. In the first picture of the post the clock shown is in Shanghai, China on the Bund.

The clock just above is the second most photographed clock in England. It is the Eastgate clock in Chester. You can read more about this clock in my post Photogenic Clocks.

Big Ben - Elizabeth Tower - Clock Tower - Most Photographed Clock - London, England - Iconic ClockThe most photographed clock in England is the one in the Elizabeth Tower in London.

You may know this tower by a different name. It is commonly referred to as Big Ben which is the nickname of the Great Bell used by the clock.

Another interesting fact that I have learned is that the clock faces on Big Ben do not use the normal convention for representing the number four on clocks. Most clocks use IIII to represent 4 and Big Ben uses IV. Have you ever noticed this before?

However, in this post only one of the clocks uses IIII.

Westin Prince Toronto Canada - Flower Clock - Fall Colors - Floral ClockHere is another of my favorite clocks. I always enjoy seeing this flower clock at the Westin Prince hotel in Toronto.

I am thankful for the extra hour. I have been really tired this week as I recover from boomerang jet lag. This is my term for when your trips are so close together you never fully recover from jet lag before you travel again.

OK, time for another nap.




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