More Fall Views of Germany

Tonight I will share a few more fall views from Jena, Germany.

Foggy Morning, Jena Germany, Fall in Germany

I will start with a picture of a foggy morning from my hotel room window. The rainy nights lead to foggy mornings.

Saale River, Fall, Germany, Jena, Germany, Colorful trees

Here is a beautiful view of the Saale River that flows through the valley that Jena is situated in. I like this picture with the bits of color and the lone mallard leaving a wake in the middle of the calm river.

Saale river, Jena, Germany, silhouettes, trees

Here is another view of the Saale River. It is taken from roughly the same point as the previous picture, but in the opposite direction. I really like the silhouetted reflections of the trees in the water.

Colorful Trees, Goshwitz, Germany, Jena Germany

Here is a beautiful row of colorful trees near our office. This was taken earlier this week and already they have lost a lot of leaves.

Sunset, Jena Germany, Saale River Valley, Colorful Clouds

Now for a picture from the end of a day. This is another view from my hotel room as I watched the sun set over the hills surrounding the Saale River Valley.

Which of these pictures do you like the best?


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