A Routine Saturday

Today it was nice to have a routine Saturday. The last three were anything but routine as I was traveling.

SFO, United, 777, SFO - LHRMy Saturday routine usually starts with sleeping in a bit.  I do have to get up by a certain time to pick up my newspaper before the sprinklers go off. However, I can then go back to sleep 🙂 Due to jet lag I was up earlier than normal, but not too much.

Once I do get up it is time to read the paper and get a few things done around the house.

Flag at Half-Staff, Tracy, Library, Patriot Day, September 11Then it is time to go to the library to return or pick up books and also browse the book sale shelves. Today I found a few books that came home with me.

Target Hot Dog, Frankfurter, ketchup, mustard, relishFrom the library I head on to Target and treat myself to a hot dog before doing some shopping. I usually pick up some of the breakfast items that I need for the week and perhaps bread or milk.

Next up is a stop at WinCo to pick up a few more items that I can’t get at Target, or are a bit cheaper.

Candy Corn, WinCo, Bulk Bins, Fall TreatAnother nice thing that WinCo has is their bulk bins. This came in handy this week as I wanted to get some candy corn. I always need to get my candy corn fix when Halloween rolls around. However, I only need a little bit. I usually buy the smallest bag I can find, but this year I decided to put the bulk bins to good use and only get what I needed. So, one little scoop of candy corn for a whopping 18 cents.

Saturday Routine, Mowing,, Tall Grass, Yard WorkIn the late afternoon it is usually yard work time. This was especially needed since I was away from home for so long. Here you can see how much grass is being cut by the mower. The backyard was even worse.

I almost waited too long today as it was getting dark as I finished. A little tree trimming will have to wait.

Of course since it is fall, watching some College Football is usually part of the routine. Not the best results for some of my teams today, but still fun to watch.

Do you have a Saturday routine?


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