Rainy Night Dinner in Jena

Tonight has been another rainy night in Jena. I had checked the weather before I left the hotel and it said that rain was not in the forecast. However, by the time I got downtown there was light rain. This changed my mind a bit about where I would go to eat as I wanted to be close to a street train stop.

Kartoffel Haus, Jena, Germany, good food

I decided to just eat at The Kartoffelhaus again. I had never eaten in the upstairs dining area, so it was almost like eating somewhere else. Just the same good food.

Special platter, pork steak, fried potatoes, bacon, beans

I decided to have the Spezialteller or Special Dish. The dish is 3 Schweinefilets vom Lavasteingrill mit Speckbohnen und Bratkartoffeln. For those of you who do not know German it is 3 pork steaks from a lava stone grill with bacon wrapped green beans and roasted potatoes.

A lava stone grill is similar to a charcoal grill and has even heat distribution.

Dessert, Apple strudel, ice cream, German Food

After my delicious meal I decided to also get some dessert. This is not too common for me when traveling, but tonight I was looking at the menu and the cold rainy night just called for a hot apple strudel. I am really happy that I ordered the dessert as it was really delicious and one of the best apple strudels I have eaten.

Lamp shade, restaurant, ambience

I liked the pattern on the lamp shade above my table so decided to take a picture. I think that the overall effect of the picture is quite interesting.

Jena Market Square, Jena, Germany, rainy night

After leaving the restaurant I stopped to take a few pictures of the Jena market square. I like the light reflecting off of the wet surfaces.

The rain was still coming down so I headed off toward the nearest street train stop. I arrived just as the train was leaving and then had to wait 30 minutes for the next one.

Hopefully the rain will go away!


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