Travel Food II

I was thinking of a topic to post about tonight and also a title. I had decided on Travel Food as the title and then discovered that I had used the title five years ago. So, here is Travel Food II.

During the first days of a work trip I am often recovering from jet lag so I have little time beyond teaching, eating and sleeping. This trip is no exception. Especially as my hotel is a little bit outside of town.

Fish and Chips, UK Food, England Food, Fish, Chips, PeasSince I am not close to any restaurants, the hotel restaurant has been visited several times. The hotel has a limited menu and to be honest the food is not stellar.

The first night when I arrived I had Fish and Chips that were a bit overdone.

Nachos, Hotel Restaurant, guacamole, salsa, cheese, chipsThe next night I wanted something light and easy to eat so decided on nachos. As  you can see in the picture you can see that they had an interesting presentation. They would have been much better if the salsa and guacamole had been in small bowls and you could dip the chips in them.

Indian Restaurant, Cambridge, food, cuisineLast night I went out to dinner with a colleague and we tried a local Indian restaurant. I really like this picture, it really shows the atmosphere of the evening. Being a college town there were a lot of students on bikes and a lot of foot traffic.

Butter Chicken, Indian Food, Naan, Cambridge

One of the things that I like to order at an Indian restaurant is Butter Chicken. It was not on the menu, but they were able to make it for me. Many ethnic restaurants have standard dishes available, but not on the menu. You sometimes just need to ask and they might have your favorite dish.

The food was really good, but then again I expect good Indian food in England.

Lunch, Sandwich, salad, drink

Lunch in England is usually pretty light. Each day we have driven to a nearby grocery store and picked up sandwiches. Today I had a Bacon & Free Range Egg sandwich and a Goat’s Cheese & Minted Greens salad.

Hamburger, chips, fries, hotel foodThis evening my colleague had conference calls so headed back to his hotel and I walked back to mine. Later in the evening it started raining and when it was dinner time it was still coming down. It was time to eat in the hotel restaurant again.

This time I had a burger with fries. It was filling, but that is all I will say 🙂

Tomorrow night I will go out with some of the managers we have been working with and they are taking me to Nandos. I know it will be a good meal


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