Listening to the Gospels

This week I have been listening to the Gospels while walking.

This is a good exercise as you hear the four books back to back as each one enriches the previous ones. Of course, it is also good exercise if you walk enough in a week to listen to all four of them.

Church of the Nativity - Grotto of the Nativity - Birthplace of Jesus - Bethlehem - Christmas Eve - 14 Point StarMany images came to mind as I listened. I remembered pictures that I had taken in Bethlehem like this one of the traditional spot of Christ’s birth.

South Stairs to Temple Mount - Jerusalem - Pentecost Sermon Location? - Temple MountI thought of the Temple in Jerusalem. In many places in the Gospels we find that people are walking up these stairs to the temple.

Pools of Bethesda, Jerusalem, Church of St. AnneI thought of this picture when the Pools of Bethesda were mentioned.

Pool of Siloam, Jerusalem, GospelsI have also visited the Pool of Siloam multiple times and thought of it when events took place there.

Garden of Gethsemane - Church of All Nations - Olive Trees - Mount of OlivesListening to the events that took place in the Garden of Gethsemane came to life as I  had been at least near the spot.

First Century Steps, Peter, GalliCantu ,ChurchAs I listened to the events that happened on the night of the arrest of Jesus I thought of these steps that he may have walked up when he went to the house of the High Priest.

Gabbatha, Place of the Stone Pavement, Pilate, Jesus CondemmedAs I listened to John 19:13 tonight I pictured this place. Was this the location of Gabbatha or The Stone Pavement?

Of course, many more images came to mind but these are just a few that stuck out as I was writing. 🙂


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