Cheese in Israel

One of the things that I look forward to when I go to Israel is the cheese. They always have a good variety of cheese on the hotel buffets, especially for breakfast. I will usually fill most of a plate with different cheeses.

cheese buffet, leonardo, Ashkelon, IsraelThe first morning in Israel this year I was not disappointed as the hotel in Ashkelon had a nice variety of cheeses. I really like the semi-soft white cheeses. Here at home I mostly eat harder cheeses.

Cheese Buffet, Israel, Dead Sea, Cheese ChoicesAt our hotel at the Dead Sea we had similar choices, but the display was a bit nicer. I also liked the cheese to the right that had bits of peppers in it.

Galilee, Leonardo, Tiberias, cheese plate, small fish, olivesOn to the north to Tiberias and the cheese was a bit different. I never did get a picture of the cheese layout, but I took several pictures of my cheese plates. Here you can see that I also added a few more items to my plate.

alilee, Leonardo, Tiberias, cheese plate, small fish, olivesI like to have cucumbers for breakfast in Israel. I try to do the same here at home, but get lazy and don’t want to slice them. I am trying to do better.

alilee, Leonardo, Tiberias, cheese plate, small fish, olivesYou may have noticed that the last three pictures have a little glass cube with balls of cheese in them. These were very interesting as the cheese had a very assertive flavor. They were really good, but others in the group didn’t seem to like them šŸ™‚ I would often go back for more.

Olive Pizza, Jacob's Pizza, Jerusalem Pizza, Kosher PizzaWell I guess I should also add in the cheese that is on the pizza at Jacob’s Pizza.

I am ready to go back to Israel, but for much more than just the good cheese šŸ™‚


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  1. Cheese is a weakness of mine! I enjoyed similar selections in Switzerland!

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