Wilted Roses

This summer weather has not been kind to my roses. My blooms are smaller than usual and have been quickly wilting. Some of my rose bushes have gone weeks without any new roses but are just  now blooming again.

The heat looks like it will continue so I have increased the watering times by a little bit to see if I can keep the roses bushes healthy.

Wilted Roses, Heat, Heat Wave, Rose BushesHere is one of my Mr. Lincoln blooms. You can see that it is already wilting and it was only open for a short time.

Temps have been in the high 90’s throughout the week and then up to 105 on weekends for the past several weeks. I am excited that it will only be 99 on Friday and 98 on Saturday, but then most of next week will be in the 100’s.

Mr. Lincoln Rose, High Heat, heat wave, roses, rose bushHere you can really see how this rose bloom has wilted as it opened.

Red Rose, Dried out rose, rose bushes, heat waveIt will only be another day or two and it will be falling apart and look like this one. I thought this fading bloom was interesting with the heart shaped petal clinging on.

Wilting Tropicana, orange rose, wilting rose, heat waveThis Tropicana rose bloom looks really interesting. The leaves have folded over on the edges forming triangular petals. The sun was also shining through the petals which made for some interesting coloring.

St. Patrick Rose, Green Rose, Rose petals, rose bushes, heat waveMy St. Patrick roses are usually much bigger than this and also usually have a darker yellow color. The blooms are much more green colored than usual. They do have a green tint, but usually not this much. I guess they benefit from the heat 🙂

Hopefully a little more water each cycle will help the rose bushes recover a bit.

Which of these rose pictures is your favorite?



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