Finding Your Roots

On Monday nights I like to watch Finding Your Roots on PBS. I like the way that Henry Louis Gates Jr. looks into the ancestry of famous people.

I always wonder which of my ancestors Gates would feature if he had me on the show. Of course, since I am not famous there is no chance that this would happen 🙂

Joseph Jenks, Blacksmith, Saugus Iron Works, InventorWould he follow my family back to Joseph Jenks who was a toolmaker and inventor who worked at the Saugus Iron Works? Gates likes to find ancestors who share traits with his guests, so since I am an engineer a link can be made.

Plymouth Colony - Eugene Aubry Stratton - Pilgrims - Genealogy - Ancestry - ThanksgivingPerhaps he would follow my ancestry back to George Soule who came to American on the Mayflower. He signed the Mayflower Compact even though he was a servant of Edward Winslow. There is some evidence that he may have been one of the first teachers in America and since I am also a teacher this could be another interesting ancestor to talk about.

Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul, John M. Barry, Separation of Church and State, Rhode IslandI would hope that he would talk about my 10th great grandfather Roger Williams who helped open the door for true religious liberty in America. See: The American Soul

Amish Genealogy, Jacob Hochstetler, Descendants, Harvey HostetlerAnother ancestor that would probably interest Gates would be one of my Amish ancestors Jacob Hochstetler whose family was involved in an Indian massacre.

Jacob Hochstetler was featured in an episode of Who Do You Think You Are that featured Katey Sagal. See: Katey Sagal – Amish Ancestry

Another interesting ancestor would a 4th great grandmother who was a Leni Lenapi Indian who was raised by the Amish.

I have not written much about the next two ancestors, but they would also be of interest to Gates.

One of my Dutch ancestors was Abraham Peitersen Van Deursen who was an early settler of New Amsterdam. He built one of the first windmills in the Americas and was involved in the early government of New Amsterdam.

Captain Lewis Ellzey was my 7th great grandfather. He served with George Washington both in the Revolutionary War and also together as a vestryman at the Truro Parish church in Fairfax County Virginia.

I guess that I need to watch for when the Genealogy Road Show will come someplace near.

For now I will be content with watching Genealogy Shows.

Which of your ancestors would Henry Louis Gates Jr. feature?


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