Twinkies Ice Cream

About a week ago my sister-in-law shared the following on my Facebook wall.

Hostess, Twinkies Ice Cream, Ding Dongs Ice CreamI had not tried them, and had not even seen them yet in the stores. However, I started watching for them. I wanted to try the Twinkies Ice Cream.

Twinkies Ice Cream, CupCakes Ice cream, Hostess, Cold treatsHere you can see both Twinkies and CupCakes ice cream by Hostess. As you know if you follow my blog I write more about the CupCakes varieties than Twinkies, but chocolate ice cream is not my favorite so you can guess which one I chose.

Limited Edition Ice Cream, Twinkies Ice Cream, HostessHere is the carton of ice cream in my freezer. It was a hot day today and I still had to make one more stop before I got home. I hurried as fast as I could at my next stop. Even though it was 103 degrees out I did make it home without the ice cream melting. I also found out that the store where I made my last stop also had Twinkies Ice Cream and it was probably cheaper 🙂

Butter Cream Ice Cream, Twinkies Ice Cream, HostessHere it is. You can see here that it is not simply cream. It also has chunks of cake in it.

The ice cream itself is butter cream flavor, which is close to my favorite vanilla.

Twinkies Ice Cream, Butter Cream, Hostess, DeliciousAfter my walk this evening I scooped out some of the ice cream into a bowl for a taste test. It did have a really nice flavor and the bits of cake added some nice texture. You can’t go to wrong with butter cream ice cream.

It was a good thing that I had just walked a little more than five miles, as I probably replaced most of the calories I had just burned 🙂

Have you tried Twinkies Ice Cream?



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