Post Trip Reads

I am slowly recovering from jet lag, but it is complicated a bit by the heat. We are in the middle of a seven day stretch of 100 degree weather that won’t end until Sunday.

I have some ideas for some posts that build on the images that I shared during my trip to Israel, but it is a bit hard to concentrate tonight.

Instead, I will share a bit of reading material that I have picked up in the past week.

the holy land, Oxford Archaeological Guide, Jerome Murphy-O-ConnorI will start with The Holy Land: An Oxford Archaeological Guide from Earliest Times to 1700 by Jerome Murphy-O’Connor.

This is a great resource as it covers most of the major archaeological sites in Israel. I have already looked through part of this guide as Luke has carried his copy with him during our past trips to Israel.

I saw a copy at the bookstore in the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem. I may have been able to get it a bit cheaper on-line here at home, but decided that I would always have memories of buying it in Jerusalem when I use it. That is worth the dollars that I would have saved.

We had walked over to the American Colony Hotel to see something interesting. However, that is another story.

Paul the Taveller, Ernle Bradford, Apostle Paul, TarsusOn Sunday afternoon I stopped by the library. While looking through the book sale books I ran across a copy of Paul the Traveller: St. Paul and his World by Ernle Bradford. I have read a few sections of the book and it gives a nice overview of the world that Paul lived in.

Bradford was a historian, but also spent 30 years sailing in the Mediterranean so has some good insight into the travels of Paul.

Biblical Archaeology Review, BAR, Sidon, Machaerus, Pontius PilateLast night I went to my mailbox and found the latest issue of BAR: Biblical Archaeology Review. Right away the cover reminded me of items that I saw last week in the Israel Museum.

I have scanned through the magazine and look forward to reading several of the articles. I will most likely write another post in my In the BAR series sometime within the next week. I am already thinking about some of my pictures that relate to the article about Pontius Pilate.

Now to check and see if it is cool enough to open windows.


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