Thursday Morning in Jerusalem

For some reason I am getting a poor internet connection this evening. Combined with a long day and the poor connection I will only be covering our morning activities in this post. I will followup with the rest of the day sometime soon.

We started out our day by visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem. This is where the Jews come for prayers in Jerusalem.

Western Wall, Jerusalem

Here is David at the wall. Notice that he has a small head covering. It is required to have a head covering at the Western Wall.

Western Wall, Jerusalem, Western Wall Plaza

The wall area was full of people offering prayers.

Western Wall, Women's Side

The women have a separate section and here are Becky, Lili and Jerri after they have gone to the wall.

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Temple Mount

After visiting the Western Wall we then went up onto the Temple Mount. Here Luke is giving an explanation about the Dome of the Rock.

Temple Steps, South of the Temple excavations

It was then on to the excavations that are south of the Temple Mount. Above me you can see the steps that led up to the Temple.

First Century Steps, Peter, GalliCantu ,Church

We then went to the Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu. This is the traditional site of where Peter heard the rooster crow three times. The steps shown here are from the First Century and most likely Jesus walked up these steps.

Then it was lunch time and we stopped at one of my favorite places to eat at in Jerusalem.

Bacon Pizza, Jacob's Pizza Jerusalem

Jacob’s Pizza where we can get some non-kosher pizza. You can see here that I had bacon pizza. Yum!

There is so much more of my day, including stops at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and St. Anne’s. Also, a little post tour hike in two spots near the walls of Jerusalem. However, I will talk about these places later.




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