Signs of Spring III

Spring is only two days away and there are definitely Signs of Spring around today.

Red Rose Bud, Mr. Lincoln, Spring, Roses

My first rose of the year is starting to open. This beautiful rose bud is on my Mr. Lincoln rosebush.

Dandelions, spring, signs of spring

Dandelions are all over the place. These two are ready to send seeds on their way.

White blossoms, Signs of spring

On the way to the library I took a couple of pictures of trees. Both of them are showing signs of spring.

This tree has some nice pretty white blossoms.

Spring leaves, Signs of spring, spring time

This tree is starting to leaf out. It is nice to see this tree showing life as it was moved last year to make way for new construction.

Oreos, Spring Oreo, Sign of springOne more sign of spring is a package of Spring Oreos. I did not buy a package, but it has really been interesting to see the profusion of new Oreo flavors in the past few years.

Are you ready for spring?


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