Christmas 2016

This year Christmas was on Sunday which meant normal Sunday morning church services. It was great to worship with my church family this morning.

Snow Pack on Sierras, Clear Day, Central Valley, SierrasIt was a bit of a White Christmas today as I could see the snow capped Sierra mountains as I headed to worship.

Christmas Feast, Christmas 2016, HolidaysAfter services I went to some friends for a wonderful Christmas dinner.

Ham and Potatoes, Christmas Dinner, 2016, Happy Holidays, Merry ChristmasWe had some delicious ham and potatoes with both green and black eyed peas. Of course there was also other sides like pickles, cheese and rolls.

A wonderful afternoon spent with friends who I have known for many years.

Christmas Pies - Holiday MealsWe also had some pie and ice cream. These pies are from several years ago, but illustrate the point šŸ™‚

Christmas decorations, lights, holiday decorationsBy the time I headed home Christmas lights were on and it was a beautiful evening.

Sherlock Holmes: The complete novels and Stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Volume 2This evening I watched a Sherlock episode as I get ready for the release of the next episodes. I also participated in a family gift selection via Facetime. It was nice to see my family this evening.

Now to get some sleep. Too much food today has made me sleepy.



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