Patterson Holiday Cheer

Tonight I was in Patterson as I usually am on Wednesday night when I am not traveling.

I arrived for Bible study early and just after I parked I heard sirens down the street. Fire trucks were slowly making their way down the street and people were standing outside their houses. I wondered why.

Christmas, Fire truck, Santa Claus, Patterson, CaliforniaI soon found out that it was a Patterson tradition for the fire department to over time drive Santa through every street of Patterson’s residential areas. They announce in the paper which streets they will visit on which night. It just happened that tonight was the night for where we were having Bible study.

Here you can see Santa sitting on top of the fire truck.

Luckily they went by before we started our study.

christmas decorations, christmas cheer, tree, christmas treeOur host for the evening had a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. It was very colorful and had beautiful ornaments.

Village, Christmas Decorations, holiday cheerShe had a nice little village laid out. In hindsight, it would have been better to take this picture at a better angle. However, it is a unique perspective taken from above.

Snow men, Snowman, Holiday decorationsWhat I really liked were her snow men. I like the beautiful colors here. My Mom also has an extensive collection of snow men, so it reminded me of home.

Holiday decorations, snow men, winter, dreaming of a White ChristmasI really like snow and snow men, but we have a 0% chance of a White Christmas here in the Valley.

I like these snow men. They are so beautiful.

Now to sleep and to dream of White Christmases of the past.


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