Pacific Catch

This evening I had dinner with colleagues at Pacific Catch.

Pacific Catch, Logo, Dublin, California, SeafoodTonight was my first trip to Pacific Catch. It opened earlier this year in the same complex as Whole Foods.

Fish House, Pacific Catch, Dublin, Whole Foods, FoodPacific Catch is a billed as a Westcoast Fish House.

Table setting, menu, westcoast fish house, Pacific CatchThe wood grain theme from outdoors transferred to the inside with wood grain table tops.

The meal started with some small plates of edamame and fish shaped pretzels.

The menu is interesting as the offerings have influences from several different cuisines.

They are well known for their Poke which is Hawaiian and there were also influences from Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Mexican cuisines.

Of course fish tacos were on the menu. It is California after all.

Rainbow Trout, Pacific Catch, Mexican cuisine, california cuisineI ordered Truca a la Parilla which is a grilled rainbow trout with two different grill sauces. You can definitely tell by both the name and the plating that it is influenced by Mexican cuisine.

Truca a la Parrilla, Pacific Catch, Fish, Mexican CuisineThe trout was delicious as you can see by this empty plate. I did like the red sauce much better than the green sauce as you can tell by which one was used more 🙂

Several of my colleagues had Poke and it looked really good. Maybe next time.

Now for some sleep after a very long productive day.



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