More Pictures from my Half Marathon Hike

Tonight I am very tired. Jet lag and a busy week at work are catching up with me.

Therefore, I will just share some more pictures from the Half Marathon Hike I went on while in Jena, Germany.

Hiking in Germany, Jena, Red Trail, Yellow Leaves, SignpostThere were so many beautiful trees along the way. Here are some beautiful yellow leaves behind one of the signposts. You can see here that I was near Ilmnitz and Drackendorf.

Saale Valley, Leuchtenburg, long hike, German sceneryHere is a view looking out over the Saale Valley. Way in the distance you can barely see the tower of the Leuchtenburg Castle on the top of a hill.

Colorful leaves, fall, hiking, German Hills, Red TrailThere were many colorful leaves along the trail. I had to resist taking too many pictures or I would never have finished the hike before sunset.

Germany, Jena, Hiking in the hills, Red LeavesHere are some beautiful red leaves. The colors were very vivid. Especially against a background of pine needles.

Trail in Woods, Colorful Hike, Fall Color, Jena Germany, German HillsWould you go hiking down this trail? It was a beautiful day for a hike.


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